CHAPTER 10 – NIMROD BECOMES the FIRST KING in the WORLD BY ESTABLISHING the FIRST “kingdom(s) of the world.”

© Humanistic Secular “kingdom(s) of the world” Mindset.

We MUST realize that Cain’s city and the other cities that were formed by these anti-God people would be formed into the first kingdom of the world with Nimrod as its first king. Extra-biblical sources and traditions give to him his reputation as a king who was rebellious against God. In other words, he was a demonically controlled anti-God sinner continuing to bring to fruition the demonically controlled humanistic secular “kingdom(s) of the world” under the auspices of Satan.
Genesis 10:8, 10 Cush became the father of Nimrod; he was the first to be a mighty man {king – TLB} on the earth.
10 The beginning of his kingdom was {the cities of} Babel, Erech, Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar [in Babylonia]. AMP

What we MUST realize and understand is that this establishing the first kingdom in the world was the continuation of sinful man’s rejection of God and His eternal spiritual supernatural Kingdom of God and replacing it with a humanistic secular “kingdom(s) of the world” ultimately trying to bring forth a “One World Government” and a “One World Religion” all seemingly under the authority and rule of sinful man. But who was the master mind for this “kingdom(s) of the world?” Let us remember that it is God Who has authority over the “kingdom(s) of the world” in His time and place in history. Satan and sinful man cannot rule the world without God’s Providence over His creation.
Romans 13:1 LET EVERY person be loyally subject to the governing (civil) authorities {of the “kingdom(s) of the world”}. For there is no authority {kings, presidents, sheiks, dictators, rulers, etc.} except from God [by His permission, His sanction], and those that exist do so by God’s appointment. [Prov 8:15.] AMP

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