CHAPT 1 – God’s Foreknown and Predestined Plans for His Creation.

God has foreknown and predestined plans – His concept written in His COMPLETE Book of Life for ALL of His creation in the universe as well as HIS created angels and for each and every naturally conceived human as well as. As you read Genesis Chapter 1, please note that God created all of His creation BEFORE He created man. ALL of creation had to be created BEFORE man to enable man to properly survive and reproduce naturally. After time and creation began {cf. Genesis 1:1-3}, I believe God the Father’s and God the Son’s work was finished on the initial creation.

1 Peter 3:22 [And He {Jesus Christ}] has now entered into heaven and is {seated} at the right hand of God, with [all] angels and authorities and powers made subservient to Him. AMP

We know that God the Son/Son of Man/Jesus Christ’s work continues down  through the successive ages as the ONLY Savior and Judge for ALL of mankind. But let’s go back to an era BEFORE time and history began and take a look at God and His foreknown and predestined plans for man as part of ETERNITY.

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