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The Eternity of Jesus – Part 1

The Era Before Time – Part 2

God’s Foreknown Knowledge – Part 3

The Spirit of Life – Part 4

The Breath of Life – Part 5

Eternal Garden of God – Part 6


The Christian Church Nor Apparently Much of Anyone Else Is Aware of Nor Much Interested In The Spiritual Incompleteness of An IVF Replicated Human Offspring Which Makes It A Counterfeit Human Being.  James 2:26 For as the human body apart from {without} the spirit is lifeless {spiritually dead}, so faith {which is our spiritual connection to God} apart from [its] works of obedience is also {spiritually} dead {Man at his/her conception MUST receive a spirit formed by God to ever be able to communicate with Him, to ever have spiritual faith in Him.    Read more..


To those couples and anyone else who are interested in or are struggling with infertility/fertility human reproductive issues, the following information will help you to understand God’s role in natural human reproduction versus the lack of God’s involvement in all IVF or AI replicated human reproduction and its eternal consequences for that offspring: Please read this pdf book – the decision is ultimately yours!


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